Virtual Programs


Virtual live programs are run within 1 month with participants from other companies and countries. Programs are run in English and each program requires your active participation during virtual calls and preparing prior and in-between the individual calls/modules.

As part of the program you will work on your individual project as well for yourself, your team or your organization in order you can immediatelly apply what you learned, what was discussed or shared to use maximum benefits of your learning and development.

Agile Leader

Agile Leader Program

Module 1: Agile Leadership Introduction

Module 2: Learning Agility and Innovation

Module 3: Servant Leadership and Teams

Module 4: Collaboration & Communication

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Agile HR Program
Agile HR Program

Module 1: Introduction to Agility and Agile HR

Module 2: Agile Mindset and Learning Agility

Module 3: Agile Leaders and Agile Teams, Scrum

Module 4: Agile Organizations and Future of Work

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Virtual Leadership
Virtual Leadership Program

Module 1: Virtual versus Traditional Leadeship

Module 2: Remote Work and Remote Teams

Module 3: Virtual Collaboration & Relationships

Module 4: Virtual Leadership Tools and Resources

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